After collecting my TVR Griffith from you on Friday after its service and brake work I can undoubtedly say that it drove and sounded the best it ever has. It was the sort of journey that I never wanted to come to an end. I don’t know what you did to it but it worked! Dealing with you is a pleasure; you clearly know your stuff and are passionate about the cars and what you do. The price you charged me was reasonable but even so the saying “quality is remembered long after the price” springs to mind. I wish you all the best with your new venture and keep up the good work. Steve

Steve Ashton

TVR Griffith

Hi Matt, just wanted to put pen to paper to sincerely thank you for your help and advice over sorting the Griff out recently. Some may say that i tend to be a little"OCD" about my cars, but i am very fussy who i entrust to work on my pride and joy, and only ever strive for perfection. It is always a pleasure collecting my cars after a service/work carried out, as i know that the cars have been well and truely looked after, and it is very pleasing that you always go that extra mile to ensure that everything has been covered off, even down to the smallest of detail. It has been 6 years now since you started to look after my cars, and knowing that they will continue to be looked after by someone as enthusiastic about the marque as you are, is very re-assuring.

Nigel - TVR Griffith

Mat has built a fantastic Race car for for me, that really stands out on the circuit and the performance with its AJP v8 is dramatic. Its fair to say without Mats involvment we wouldnt be racing.

Kevan Gore


“I travel from Hertford to have my Tuscan Mk 1 serviced with Matt and have done for the past 7 years. She has 38,000 original miles on the clock and counting, and whilst I could claim some credit for that, it is principally down to Matt’s meticulous and careful attention to the servicing needs of my Tuscan that she is as tight and together today as she was when she left the factory in 2003. Matt won’t do anything that doesn’t need doing but will always discuss and plan ahead for any work that may involve a few pennies being spent. It’s all part of the preventative approach that Matt takes to looking after my Tuscan which is why it is in such good shape. At this year’s TVR’s track day at Cadwell Park, the car performed superbly – progressive, sweet sounding, blistering acceleration (courtesy of Matt’s tuning) and with Matt’s ‘fast road’ suspension set-up and new brakes and discs, she was planted under braking and around the corners, which gave you the confidence to press on. A joy to drive, which is how it should be.” Neil

Neil Owen

Tuscan Speed 6

I must thank you for the excellent set-up on my Chimaera 500, which makes it suit both track and road. I am particularly thrilled with the suspension and brakes set-up and the way the car now handles on the track. The Gaz Gold Pro dampers you fitted work really well, especially with the different track and road settings you advised. The full geo set-up you did has made the handling, which you have nicely biased towards the track, so much more confidence inspiring, with plenty of feed back from all corners of the car. I am now able to control the "on-the-limit" slides with small amounts of steering input and with no resorting to fresh underwear. The brakes were also so much better after following your advice and fitting racing pads to the standard discs to eliminate brake fade under heavy braking. Again, very confidence inspiring. Perhaps the nicest thing of all is that I now have a really good track tool that is still a total joy to drive at any speed on the road, around town or on the fast and twisty stuff. A quick ten clicks on the front dampers, a change of wheels and tyres, and the car is transformed between track and road. Best wishes Anthony Bristow ..

Anthony Bristow

Chimaera 500

"Mat has been looking after my TVRs for eight years. He's seen me through my (previous) ownership of two Chimaeras and now takes care of my Tuscan. There are two of his competitors within ten minutes of me but I happily make the 80-mile round trip because I know he's diligent and conscientious. Happily his charges are also about half theirs! A nice bloke who knows his TVRs, does a proper job and doesn't charge over the odds. You'd be mad to go anywhere else." Paul

Paul Catanach

TVR Tuscan

I've used Matts services now for the last 6 years on both my old Chimaera and my current T350. His attention to detail is fantastic and he's resolved faults that would have left other dealers scratching their heads. Matt is fastidious in what he does and also really shows a passion for the marque which clearly shows in the quality of his work, I travel a 100 mile round trip to have Matt service my car which speaks volumes about how good I feel he is.

Tony -T350

St Neots