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ABOUT Mat Smith (as written by a TVR owner and customer)

We tried ‘Mat Smith – in his words, but it just won’t work,because he is too modest and doesn’t seem to appreciate just how good he is at looking after TVR Sports Cars!

With a pedigree going back to 1994 (he was just 6 ;-), Mat joined the TVR Centre to fuel his passion for TVR’s.  There his skills were finely tuned to give him all the knowledge he needed to maintain cars in first class condition.

In 1999, he moved closer to home, spending a further four years working on TVR’s (this man’s an addict!) at BrundleTVR until they ceased trading in 2006, when he was snapped up by Sebring International.

After 18 years of all things TVR, 2012 sees Mat weld together all that experience to create his own haven for all things TVR!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should seriously consider letting this man work on your TVR:

+Mat has a wealth of experience and knowledge to call upon for any of the work your car may need (or you feel it needs)!   TVR trained in all senses of the word (with the scars to prove it!).

+This is not his ‘day job’, it is his world!  In a word, he is meticulous, leaving no ‘knocking’ noise, or random engine ‘splutter’ to chance.  

+He will treat your TVR with the same care and attention to detail that he would his own ‘S’.

+Mat will keep you informed any significant additional work, that needs doing…. before he does it.  Thus avoiding any sharp intakes of breath when you settle your account!

+When you collect your car after the work is completed, you will get honest, constructive feedback on the areas you should be keep an eye on, thus minimising the chances of any nasty surprises!

+Mat takes care to meet you and discuss any concerns you may have with your car, so that he can cast his expert eye over those areas and either fix or put your mind at rest.  This is the beauty of talking to the actual man who will be working on your car – nothing gets lost in translation, or forgotten!


Above all, Mat is ‘Mat Smith Sports Cars’.  Integrity, reliability and expert knowledge.  You can now look forward to booking your car in for its annual service, upgrades or other work, safe in the knowledge that when you collect your car it will feel every inch the great car that it is!