Chimaera wheel alignment

Today in the workshop we have the TVR Chimaera of Graham Walden the 2013 Clacc B champion from the TVR championship.

Graham brought his car over from Worcester to have its Suspension Set up and 4 wheel aligned after  He carried out a body off Restoration complete with new wishbones and bushes

Whilst Graham has set up many a successful race car, When it came to having his road car setup he brought it to  us at Mat Smith Sportscars after driving our own development Chimaera.

wheel alignment


” With the road car I have no base date to set the car up, only the original TVR settings. Knowing Mat through competing against race cars he has setup I was more than happy to take my Chimaera to him to use his experience to put a setup on the car that would suit me. Driving Mats development Chimaera first only confirmed my thoughts. The Hunter computer alignment tools they have in the workshop is also a lot easier to use than the setup poles, string and ruler we use on the race cars, It also handily prints out a setup sheet for our records”

Graham Walden