TVR Griffith Restoration

TVR Griffith engine bay

This TVR Griffith came to us for a full body off restoration. Whilst the car looked in great condition externally, the chassis and running needed significant work.


The Work starts with carefull removal of the engine and then the body.

TVR engine removal

With The body removed the outriggers are then replaced.

Outrigger replacement

Here you can see the join between good old chassis and the New outriggers.

Griffith Outrigger Replacement

The Chassis was then completely stripped and shot blasted to remove all traces of corrosion

Shot blasted TVR Chassis

Rather than powder coating in this instance the owner requested a 2 pack paint finish on the restored Chassis

Painted TVR Chassis

Painted parts waiting for reassembly

TVR chassis and wishbones

The Chassis being reassembled with the Suspension


TVR Rolling chassis

Tvr Chassis restoration










Griffith rear Suspension

Griffith rear suspension

With the engine and suspension added we’re now ready to replace the body

TVR Griffith Rolling Chassis
With the Body Back on everything is connected up and looks good underneath

TVR Chassis
Almost there, here everything in the engine bay is back in place including the ceramic coated exhaust system.

TVR Engine bay
The classic Griffith interior after a spring clean before being handed back to the owner

Griffith interior

Journey end. the completed car back on the road.

Griffith restored